5. The food grains covered in point 1 E) are delivered under authorization. Prices and other supply conditions for these foodstuffs will be negotiated in due course between the two governments. After the 1971 war, Pakistan and India made slow progress towards normalizing relations. In July 1972, Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and Pakistani President Zulfikar Ali Bhutto met in the Indian mountain resort of Simla. They signed the Simla Agreement, by which India would return all Pakistani personnel (over 90,000) and territory conquered in the West, and the two countries would «settle their differences through bilateral negotiations by peaceful means.» Diplomatic and trade relations also resumed in 1976. British MEP Sajjad Karim is of Pakistani descent. He is a member of the European Parliament`s Friends of India group and Karim has also been responsible for opening Europe to free trade with India. [101] [102] He narrowly escaped the Mumbai bombings at the Taj Hotel in November 2008. Despite the atrocities, Karim does not want the remaining murderer Ajmal Kasab to be sentenced to death. He said: «I think he had a fair and transparent trial and he supports the guilty verdict. But I`m not a fan of the death penalty. I think he should be sentenced to life in prison, but life should be synonymous with life. [Citation required] India and Pakistan, particularly northern India and eastern Pakistan, have, to some extent, similar cultures, cuisines and languages because of the common indoarian heritage that spans the two countries and much of the northern subcontinent, which also underpin the historical ties between the two.

Pakistani singers, musicians, actors and artists have been very popular in India, and many artists from the Indian Bollywood film industry have become famous overnight. Similarly, Indian music and cinema are very popular in Pakistan. Pakistan`s culture is found in the northernmost region of South Asia and is roughly similar to that of northern India, particularly in the northwest. The large size of the Indian diaspora and the Pakistani diaspora in many different countries of the world has created strong diasporic relations. British Indians and British Pakistanis, the largest and second largest ethnic minority in the United Kingdom, enjoy friendly relations. [98] It is quite common for a «Little India» and a «Little Pakistan» to coexist in ethnic enclaves in South Asia in overseas countries. There are several cities such as Birmingham, Blackburn and Manchester where British Indians and British Pakistanis coexist in peace and harmony. Indians and Pakistanis living in the United Kingdom belong to the Anglo-Asian category.

The United Kingdom is also home to the Pakistan and India Friendship Forum. [100] In the United States, Indians and Pakistanis are classified as South-American and have many cultural traits. In the United States, marriage between Indians and Pakistanis is common. [94] v) For foodstuffs, quantities, period and conditions of delivery are indicated in Schedule III of this agreement. Direct-road trade has been formally restricted[103] so that most of the Indo-Pakistani trade passes through Dubai. [104] In August 2019, following the adoption by the Indian Parliament of the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Act, which lifted the special status of Jammu and Kashmir,[13] new tensions erupted between the two countries, as Pakistan degraded diplomatic relations, closed its airspace and suspended bilateral trade with India. [15] Cricket and hockey matches between the two (as well as other sports to a lesser extent such as ASACR games) were often political in nature.