16. All securities or contracts related to them, now or after the fact, are held or transported by the broker on one of your accounts (individually or in conjunction with others) are held by the broker as collateral or collateral for the payment of a liability to the broker in one of these accounts, the right of the broker to transfer money or securities from one account to another account, if necessary in the sole and exclusive judgment of the broker; all of these securities may, from time to time, normally define the manufacturer as an independent contractor and require the manufacturer`s agreement in accounting, payment and commissions; The supply of products Confidentiality — as well as the manufacturer`s promise to comply with all applicable insurance laws and regulations and to include a termination clause. 7. For the use of the online trading facility, you will receive a password that will allow you to place orders and access account information via the broker`s website. You confirm, ensure and guarantee that you have received a password that allows you to access your account and that you are the exclusive owner and that you are the only authorized user of that password and that you are solely responsible for the use, confidentiality and protection of the password, as well as all orders and changes of information (i.e.. Accept the change of address) that were entered into your account with this password. You will be responsible for any transactions made via the online trading facility resulting from the use or misuse of your password. You take full responsibility for monitoring and guaranteeing your accounts. You will immediately notify the broker in writing, by email and by registered mail if you are aware of any unauthorized loss, theft or use of your password and account number; or an omission on your part to receive a message from us indicating that an order has been received and executed; or failure to obtain accurate written confirmation of an execution; or a confirmation receipt for an order and/or execution you didn`t place; or inaccurate information in your account balances, securities positions or transaction history. The broker is not responsible for transactions or losses in your account despite receiving your notification of loss or unauthorized use of your password if this transaction or loss occurred at or before the tag of your account system, or for the failure of the computer to record such a loss message or for any reason. If you have forgotten your password, you must send the broker a signed written request for the issuance of a new password.